Our Critters
Or as we call them...aMiNals!

The Barnyard Expands

When we moved here in 2003, we had 2 cats and one mixed breed mutt. Driving 700 miles with the cats in carriers and the mutt in the back seat of our extended cab F250 is something we never want to do again. But they are family and now the family has grown...



Male Shepard/Lab Mix Bobo I wasn't sure about getting a second dog, but the females here outnumbered the males and hubby thought we needed another dog to keep Mia company. Fate interfered when I saw some puppies for free in the local Walmart parking lot. I called hubby, he came and picked one out and we never regretted it! This little guy has been the light of our life; bringing joy and laughter every day!
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Female Rotweiller Mia Mia arrived the first week of January '08 to ring in the new year! She came from the Henry County Animal Shelter and was about 5 months old. Our cat Lil Chit intimidated her in the beginning, but they have become great friends. They sleep and eat together and play tag or hide-n-seek in the house. Mia has lots of energy and loves to play fetch with whatever toy is available. When she is done, she snuggles up and...SNORES! In this picture she is trying to fathom the flakes coming out of the sky (Mia, we don't see these often here either!) We think we'll keep her! :)
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Lil Chit

Our cat Lil Chit Lil Chit was rescued at 5 weeks old in Indiana (1999?) when visiting relatives or she may have been put down. There were too many cats where she came from. She got her name from being sassy, biting, chewing and generally not being loveable at all as a kitten. We had to have her de-clawed up front to save our skin. She has come around and now loves to sleep snuggled against my arm, while I'm on the computer. She is more of a house cat and adventures out only to be with her best friend "Lucky" or when we push her out the door.
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The Horses

Our stallion Junior
Our mare Carmel

For more information on Junior, Carmel and all things Horsey, see The Horse Page
Baby blocks
Junior and Carmel's colt "Tequila" - 21 June 2006
Junior and Carmel's filly "Snipper" - 27 March 2005
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Kudsu, Privit and the "Kids"

Our Goats It took a while to clear areas of the pasture, but the weeds and privet came back almost as fast. We were told a couple of goats would take care of that problem. So along came 2 nanny Boar goats (Kudsu and Privet), named after their favorite problem plants they like to eat. Our dear neighbor then offered us a Pygmy billy goat we named Kavey as he reminds us of a cave man. We now have 4 "kids" from both in early 2005. We never dreamed we would own goats and the thought of them multiplying was a bit overwhelming! We also had to put an electric fence around the perimeter of the pasture to keep them in. They really do help control weeds and have fun personalities, so we think we'll keep them!
Baby blocks
Kudsu's Babies or Privit's Babies

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Last, but not least...the other critters!

The property has plenty of wildlife. We can sit on any of our porches or deck and watch the squirrels, rabbits and deer come and go. Deer

Fire ants Then there are those unwanted critters!
Fire Ants...there are millions in each pile and plenty of piles. We put out the Fire Ant Killer, but they just build new mounds somewhere else.

We also run across scorpions. These are the first I've seen. Warren (our son)found one down by the pond and I have found a few under a pile of bricks, rocks, brush, etc.


Then there are those other critters that crawl on the ground. This includes the salamanders, toad lizards, etc. Lil Chit loves to play with them and bite their tails off. These really don't bother me until she brings them in the house and let's them loose. The snakes I can do without! Besides, snakes and horses do not get along well. Those species we have found on the property so far are shown below. Note these are not the actual snakes, just representative pictures of them.
Copperhead snake
Copperhead (Poisonous)
Black Rat snake
Black Rat Snake
Eastern King snake
Eastern King Snake
Green snake
Green Snake
Red Bellied Water snake
Red Bellied Water Snake
Ring Neck snake
Ring Neck Snake
Brown Water snake
Brown Water Snake
Common Garter Snake
Common Garter Snake
Black Racer Snake
Black Racer Snake

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