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Horses have always been the love of my life (after my husband)! I grew up with them doing everything from trail riding to halter, pleasure, jumping and performance competitions. Then I joined the Army, later found a good job in the suburbs, and settled down to do the domestic thing. I never forgot or lost interest and 20 years later here we are, back in the country. I had to have a horse again. One turned into two and two made three, then four, and who knows how many more may grace our pastures...

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Gypsy Vanner Mare - Maia
Rollin Thunder Maia, 2001, Bay Tobiano Gypsy Mare
GVHS #GV01506P

Maia joined our family on August 10th, 2009. You can see more of Maia here Maia's Page

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Shetland Pony Halfpint
Half-pint, Approx 2 Years Old, Black Shetland Gelding
Not Registered

Our Shetland Pony "Half-pint" was adopted 9/2008. You can see more of him here Halfpint's Page

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Colt Trouble
Docs Dbl Tequila Bar, 6/21/2006, Sorrel QH Gelding
AQHA #4978293

Tequila is our second foal born here to Junior and Carmel below. You can see more of him here Tequila's Page

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Our gelding Junior
Jr Docs Dbl Three, 3/15/1999, Sorrel QH Gelding
AQHA #3845268

Junior was our first Foundation Quarter Horse bought after moving here. After all you can't put horses on a 1/4 acre in the suburbs! I fell in love with Junior when I saw him. He was a stallion with a wonderful nature, but we have since gelded him. He loves Howard best, as Howard is always sneaking him treats, but never riding him! You can learn more about Junior here Junior's Page

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Our mare Carmel
Carmels Lil Gale, 4/21/1998, Sorrel QH Mare
AQHA #3796711

Horses are like Lays potatoe chips, you can't have just one! I had a stud and needed a mare. I looked for a foundation mare, but came across Carmel first. This is one gorgeous alpha mare with lots of personality and terrific on trails. We have built a strong, trusting relationship. You can see more of her here Carmel's Page

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Chester - Sold

Gypsy Vanner Colt - Chester
KLF Bronze Flash of Thunder, 8/26/2009, Chestnut Gypsy Colt
GVHS #GV01807F1

Maia's 2009 Gypsy colt "Chester". You can see more of Chester here Chester's Page

SOLD: Chester is now at a wonderful new home in southern California! Congratulations Pam!

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Hairy - Sold

Gypsy Vanner Colt
RGF Ramblin Man, 4/5/2008, Piebald Stallion
GVHS #GV01324F1

Our first Gypsy colt "Hairy". You can see more of Hairy here Hairy's Page

SOLD: Hairy went to a new home in Texas. Congratulations Wanda!

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Snipper - Sold

Filly Snipper
Docs Lil Snipper Gal, 5/27/2005 Sorrel Filly
AQHA #5004426

Snipper was our first foal born here on the farm to Junior and Carmel. You can see more about her here Snipper's Page

Note: Snipper has gone to a new home with her GodFather. He was here when she was born and is the perfect forever home for her!

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Budweiser Clydesdale Commercials

If you love horses, you have to love the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials whether you like the beer or not.

911 Clydesdales
911 Tribute
Clydesdale Babe When I Grow Up Clydesdale Snowball Fight Snowball Fight
Hank Tries Out Hank Tries Out Clydesdale Donkey Clydesdale Wanna Be Streaker Streaker
Playing Fetch Playing Fetch Playing Football Playing Football Zebra Ref Zebra Ref
Clydesdale History Clydesdale History Horse Love Horse Love Horse and Mouse Horse and Mouse
Friends and Fences Friends and Fences Seasons Greetings Seasons Greetings Original Budweiser Commercial Original Budweiser Commercial

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Horse Worming

I keep a chart on my desk provided from Safe-Guard for easy reference for what to use and when. My "Mr Vet" is in agreement with this. However, I have seen articles in horse magazines and on the Internet that recommend NOT worming so often as this may build up a resistance. Here is an excellent link for more info on worms and wormer active ingredients: HorseTalk
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Foaling Date Calculator

From the time of conception, the average mare takes 343 days to foal. This varies from 320 to 360 days. We use the 343 day calculation below.

Estimated Conception Date / /

Estimated Foaling Date / /

Mare Care Activity Dates
Ultrasound #1 / /
Palpation #1 / /
Equine Rhinopneumonitis / /
Equine Rhinopneumonitis / /
Palpation # 2 / /
Equine Rhinopneumonitis / /
Update vaccines for highest levels of antibodies in colostrum / /

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My Favorite Horse Links

Many of these links are set to Georgia specific information where available. Many also have information on other states and countries too.

Email to recommend related links or report broken links.

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