In Memory of Our Lost Pets
The angel who watches over you This page is in memory of our family pets who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Each made a difference in our life... made us laugh, gave us comfort and taught us the humility of unconditional love.


Our Lucky Our Lucky Our Lucky
(March 4th, 1992 - Oct 2nd, 2007) Lucky was a 1/2 Staffordshire Terrier and 1/2 lucky dad in the neighborhood. We believed a boy should not grow up without a dog and after we bought our first house, we brought Lucky home for our son on Easter Sunday. Lucky played with him every day and put him to bed at night, however Lucky was a family member, loved and cared for by us all. When our son went off to college and we moved here, Lucky followed us around the property and if he could talk I'm sure he'd ask why we didn't move to the country when he was younger. Lucky loved the space, new scents, swimming in the pond, wading in the creeks and new critters we adopted. Best of all, he enjoyed his "buggy" rides around the property and simply being with us. Lucky, no other puppy will ever replace you!


Our cat Squirt (May 1991 - July 2007) Squirt came home in my suit pocket at 6 weeks old as a Father's Day present for my husband. He would sit on Howard's chest and receive kisses on the forehead as a kitten. From then on, Squirt would always tell you he loved you by rubbing his forehead on your chin. Although our cats are allowed indoors, this one would rather be out hunting. He ruled the old neighborhood in VA and swiftly took over here. Squirt, we will forever miss your kisses and pink nose.


Pygmy goat Pygmy goat Pygmy goat
(? - June 2005) We had purchased 2 female goats and our dear neighbor decided we needed a billy to experience the joy of baby "kids". Well, Kavey accomplished just that leaving behind 2 kid billys and 2 kid nannies. Kavey didn't want anything to do with us at first, but slowly came around to eat treats out of our hands. We spent a lot of time watching your macho playful actions in the pasture knowing you were a sweetie at heart with lots of character. Thank you for letting us be there for you!