Junior & Carmel's Filly "Snipper"!
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Docs Lil Snipper Gal, 5/27/2005 Sorrel Filly

AQHA #5004426

Young Filly - Snipper
Nickname: Snipper

It is with great pleasure that Junior and Carmel announce the birth of their filly on 27 May 2005, at approximately 8:10PM.

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Carmel in labor Since Junior and Carmel are pastured together, we had no idea of the expected date for the new foal. I had been watching for the classic signs and had not yet seen mom's udders begin to wax over. As it was cold and rainy, the horses were being kept in the barn. When I went to check on them, I found Carmel's water had already broke and she was beginning to deliver.

About a half hour later, the foal was safely delivered. Both mom and foal are taking a well deserved rest! Carmel and babe Carmel and babe Carmel and babe

Snipper's first drink After a bit of struggling with those long legs, Snipper was up and wobbling around the stall. Being a first time mother, Carmel took almost two hours to warm up to her new born. I even had to hold her and stand by her back legs so she wouldn't kick at the baby trying to nurse for the first time. Soon after, motherhood kicked in and Carmel was as protective as could be.

Snipper Snipper Snipper
As soon as Snipper's tummy was full, she started checking out her new surroundings and of course this stranger with the flash by the back wall.

First walk outside
At 22 hours old, it's time to let mom and babe stretch their legs.
Of course, it's safer to stay by mom at first.
Snipper just finished taking her first laps around the yard. Here, she's finding out she can dance!

Looking for attention
4 weeks old. Can we get some attention here?
Snipper posing
Posing for the camera.
Snipper and friends
Snipper and friends!

At two years old, Snipper is starting her ground training. This little girl is willing and learns quick, moving all over the Round Pen at the wave of my hand...
Filly Snipper in Training Filly Snipper in Training Filly Snipper in Training
Filly Snipper in Training Filly Snipper in Training Filly Snipper in Training