Junior & Carmel's Foal "Tequila"!
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Docs Dbl Tequila Bar, 6/21/2006 Sorrel Gelding

AQHA #4978293

Quarter Horse Gelding - Tequila
Nickname: Tequila

May 10, 2009 - Tequila has grown into such a handsome young man and is very level headed. After some round pen work, I rode him for the first time today. What a wonderful Mother's Day!

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First meal Since Junior and Carmel were pastured together, we had no idea of the expected date for the new foal. I had been doing night watch for almost 2 months as mom started showing signs of impending birth early. She even started to wax over at least 4 weeks in advance. Unfortunately, I was not present when he was born, but found them about an hour later when getting ready to put her in the barn for the night. Tequila was already getting up and learning to walk as I put them in the barn.

Carmel and babe Carmel and babe Carmel and babe Carmel and babe
Tequila enjoys his first meal!

Carmel and babe Carmel and babe Carmel and babe Carmel and babe
About 12 hours old, Tequila inspects Mom's paddock outside her stall.

Colt Tequila Colt Tequila Colt Tequila
At three months old, Tequila enjoys us letting him in the yard to mow the grass. He's just too busy to worry about posing for pictures right now .

Quarter horse Docs Dbl Tequila Bar At 18 months old, Tequila is already the same height as Dad. I suspect he will reach nearly 16 hands to match his momma's height.

Colt Tequila Colt Tequila Colt Tequila
2 months shy of 3 years old and my baby is growing up!