Mrs Willi's 1996 Honda Magna
Winter Customization Plan

Whats next? Current plans are:

I have been asked, "What do I have in mind for the custom paint job?" I'd like to do a pearl white base with metallic blue faded into the pearl white about 2 inches around the edges of the tank, side panels and front/rear fenders. I am also leaning towards having Pegasus with a cloud background done in blue and white only as shown below:

Front Fender

Tank Sides

Side Panels

Helmet & Windshield Engraving

Accents to go around windshield and other areas!

Yeap, the rear fender is missing and will be some combination of the above! Or imagine the rear of Pegasus as shown in the Front Fender picture.


Pegasus, son of Poseidon and Medusa, sprung from the blood of Medusa as it dropped into the sea after her head was severed by Perseus. Pegasus appears again and again throughout mythology. He was captured by Bellerophon at the water of his fountain and was ridden by him when he killed Chimera. Pegasus became the thundering horse of Zeus which is why he appears among the stars.

Pegasus was a wild and winged steed who was ultimately tamed by Bellerophon by using a golden bridle he received in a dream from Athena. Bellerophon showed disrespect to the Gods as he attempted to ride Pegasus to Mount Olympus and Zeus sent an insect to sting Pegasus and Bellerophon was thrown back. Pegasus found sanctuary on the sacred mountain, where he carried Zeus' thunderbolts and was ridden by Eos, the goddess of dawn. Pegasus became a popular subject for artists, since from under his feet sprang the sacred springs of the Muses (goddesses of inspiration) on Mount Helicon.

Purchased for winter customization:

Description Part # Cost Where Picture
Targa Custom Front Fender 29-109UP $149.95
Custom Fiberglass Rear Fender - $49.95 EBay
Fender Frame - Of course to mount the rear fender, you have to have a frame. The original didn't fit with the new fender, so we had a welder do a cut, tuck and weld here and there to build a new one. - $110.00 local No Picture
Memphis Fats 19" Clear Windshield MEM3310 $123.96 Loudoun Motorsports No Pic!
To be engraved with a Pegasus.
Liberty Saddlebags (unpainted)
(Will need some mods! I don't like the Guardian bags for the Magna.)
Liberty $795.00
LED for License Plate 12" Kit $55.00
LED Lights for Brake and Turning Signals Large Oval, 2 x 2" Round, Turn Signal Load Equalizer $280.00
Cobra Side Panels
Brand New, discontinued and hard to find, but I won the bid!
- $351.00 eBay
Progressive Rear Shocks 412 Series $155.00 eBay
Windshield Etching
Cost includes shipping.
None $150.00
2 Alligator Skins for Upholstery None $324.00 No Image
Custom Upholstery for Mustang Seat, Sissy Bar Backrest, Tank Bib and Windshield Bag None $425.00 No image until everything comes back!
Chrome Saddlebag Racks 01ZX2058N $74.98
Flexible Edge Trim 02ZX5825A $19.95 No Image
Stepped Slider Covers (41mm) SC41 $105.95

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