Projects on the Farm
There is always something to do here on the property. Depending on the project; it can take from one day to many years. Let's face it, the entire farm is a Life Long Project. I am not very good at remembering to take pictures before or during these projects, but I will try to do better.


1978 Massey Ferguson Tractor

We bought this old tractor when we bought the property in 2003. The previous owner had just had the engine rebuilt a couple of years earlier, so it ran like a champ. The looks left a lot to be desired. Unfortuately, I don't have any before pictures for you. Over the winter of 06, Howard took it apart and sanded, primed and painted the tractor. All new decals and emblems were purchased to restore the original look.
Tractor Tractor Tractor Tractor
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Horse Barn/Stable

In the fall of 2005, we started building a new horse barn/stable. The idea is that once the land is all cleared and new fencing in place, one day I will be able to board horses. The barn is 36' x 96' and will have 12 stalls, hay storage, tack room, wash bay, and an office. The plans and material were bought in a kit and my husband, brother and I did the labor. We wlso had a new well dug to ensure lots of fresh water and separate power brought in. All electric and lights are completed inside (and out). Six stalls are done (2 partial), with 4 more to go. We also poured the concrete for the wash bay, tack room and office.
Horse Barn Horse Barn Horse Barn Horse Barn
Horse Barn Horse Barn Horse Barn - Inside
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The Well House Makeover

Many things were run down when we moved here, to include the old well house. I took it on as a project to spruce it up and gave up some rocks off my wall to do this. Howard also made a new roof to set it off! What a bg improvement!
Old Well House Well House
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